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A good deal of this site is about how effectively we use this important part of the body.  The brain is the control centre.  It controls our physical movement, and is also how we experience emotions, and how through which we think.  Whether the brain creates our conscious experience, or whether it channels consciousness, is something we will explore later.

This page will describe the physical structures of the brain.

The structures of the Limbic brain are worth studying, because they run so much of the physical body for us – unconsciously, automatically and involuntarily.  It is good when it runs well, but don’t try to change the way it works.  Locked up within our limbic brain are:

For reference, here is the full brain-body diagram.

Dual hemispheres

The brain has two halves and some authorities make a big deal out of this.  The left half of the body is controlled by the right half of the brain, and vice versa.  A popular view was that one side of the brain seems to be better with facts and logical thinking, and the other side is more abstract and intuitive.  More recent research has shown that whilst there may be a division of functions in certain structures (the amygdala seems to be one exception), both hemispheres are used simultaneously for normal functioning.


Men and women are NOT different because men predominantly use one hemisphere and women predominantly use another (this is an incorrect urban myth).