Concept of God

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One important concept that we need to establish early on is what our idea of “God” is.  This is not the same for everyone.  Some people will argue that God is infinite and can’t be grasped by the human mind, which is probably true, but nevertheless if you are going to be meditating or contemplating “God” you need to have some vision to channel your energies towards.  The Christian view can be a bit limiting – God is said to be the Father, and if you don’t relate well to a Fatherly figure then you are immediately at a disadvantage.  The Hindu culture is much richer in this regard.  You may relate to God as:

  • A male aspect
  • A female aspect
  • A gender-neutral “it” aspect

Male aspect

godthefather brahma.pngbabaji1.png

Female aspect

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Gender-neutral aspect

Finding a gender-neutral aspect for God is a little more tricky.  Some may like yantra meditation; others may find the image of sun or universe works.

shreeyantra  sunmeditation


Your chosen icon could be a Fatherly figure with a beard, Jesus Christ, Mary, St Peter or one of the other Christian saints, an angel or Archangel like Michael, Buddha, an Indian guru like Paramahansa Yogananda, Babaji, one of the Seven Chohans like El Morya or Lady Master Nada or St Germain, etc.  Islam does not approve of the worship of Idols but in many other traditions meditation upon your chosen concept of “God” is very important.

Having a concept of God is important for the Dhyana meditation step in Patanjali’s Yoga sutras which we will discuss in more detail in Meditation.