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The goal of this website is to show how we can improve our lives by expanding our higher mental faculties.  We all have these mental abilities, and the vast majority of the world’s population under-utilise them.  I propose that our spiritual development and enlightenment is synonymous with the development of our higher mental abilities.  We may not all reach the same degree of “enlightenment“, but we will be heading in the right direction and our lives will improve as our mental faculties improve.  We all have these mental abilities, we just need to use them more effectively.

We feel that enlightenment is something that spiritual people acquire, so let’s first get a definition of what it means to be Spiritual (including a definition of the soul).

What about some example of great human beings – spiritual people?

How do their spiritual qualities express?  Do they have a high SQ (spiritual quotient)?

Some more topics to read:

Now we get to a definition of enlightenment.

Finally, some tips on maintaining a healthy spiritual body.