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This is the human body and brain model which will be frequently referred to across this web site.

This is a “simplified” picture.  It looks a little messy with the lines showing the main interactions between the different pats, but this is by no means a complete picture of all the neural connections in the brain.  It is showing the main links, and note the DMN, Salience and CEN networks connecting the various areas of the brain.  You won’t find many diagrams similar to this.  Most neuroscientists know that the brain is a lot more complicated than this.  The 52 Brodmann areas are being superseded with new data (97 or more distinct areas) from modern imaging.  It is also known that the brain has the capacity to move functionality between areas when they are damaged.  This diagram is an approximation, but it does give an indication of the processing that goes on and the functioning of each area can be verified from known data on Wikipedia.

There isn’t an area which provides the experience of “enlightenment”.

You can also download a PDF version here (prints out on A0 paper).

Brain Pics 2.1 - Full