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Much of this site is devoted to an individuals quest for enlightenment.  However, there are billions of humans on this planet with whom we interact with.  What about humanity as a whole?

Is there such a thing as the collective unconsciousness?


Where we are heading as a species?  Do we ever consider the evolution and spiritual growth of the plant and animal kingdom and the planet as a whole, like the Theosophical society teachers did?  They believed that mankind had a role to play in accelerating the evolutionary progress of other creatures on this planet.   They considered radioactive rock as being the most evolved amongst the mineral kingdom.  What about the evolution of plants and trees?  Are humans playing a part in the evolution of souls of the domesticated animals, like pets and farm livestock?

Personally, I think most of us have our work cut out for us looking after our own spiritual growth without having to worry about everything else on the planet as well.


Considering the larger picture, we could begin with:

There are a number of theories about evolution – check out the Spectrum of evolutionary theories, and also the Hindu texts on Yugas which may have a part to play in the evolution of consciousness across mankind.

Religions and Governments play a large part in managing the social structure of the human race.  Rather than using the term “rulers”, I like to think of their role as enablers and regulators.  There is  general agreement on a set of fundamental Human Rights applicable to all mankind.