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mmeeraThere is some debate whether it is necessary to receive tuition from a living Guru.  In other pursuits, such as athletics, art, music, academia, etc. it is highly beneficial to be instructed by the top people in their respective fields.  We covered Role Models in the Living Gurus section, and noted that it is fundamental human behaviour to imitate and aspire to be like certain people.  It is reasonable to expect this to be the same for spiritual pursuits, though there are many different traditions and approaches.  A Hindu Guru has a very different approach from a Tibetan Buddhist, or a Japanese Zen Monk, or a Sufi, or an adept from a Western Occult Mystery School.  There are some famous teachers who do tour and speak, and it is certainly worthwhile going to hear these people in the same way that it is worth listening to any great leader in their respective field.  I don’t believe it is necessary to have a personal living Guru – the guru-disciple relationship works for some people, but is by no means necessary.  I have listed below some spiritual masters (currently alive in the world today) that you may want to look out for.

Maheshwarananda  eckharttolle  DalaiLama

It is also worth mentioning the teachings of these Masters, though you won’t find them alive in person today:

ramana  MeherBaba  nisargadatta