Measuring success

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bishop.pngIf you are actively engaged in spiritual work, how do you know if you are really making progress?  Many formal religious institutions award status titles when people show they have attained levels or passed tests.  Some of these titles are listed below (and this list is by no means complete):

freemasonryThe Scottish Rite in masonry has a set of 33 degrees, through with students can progress.

  1. degree – Entered Apprentice
  2. degree – Fellowcraft
  3. degree – Master Mason
  4. degree – Secret Master
  5. degree – Perfect Master
  6. degree – Confidential [Intimate] Secretary
  7. degree – Provost and Judge
  8. degree – Intendent of the Building
  9. degree – Elu, or Elected Knight, of the Nine
  10. degree – Illustrious Elect or Elu of the Fifteen
  11. degree – Sublime Knight Elect, or Elu, of the Twelve
  12. degree – [Grand] Master Architect
  13. degree – Knight of the Ninth Arch, or Royal Arch of Solomon
  14. degree – Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason, or Perfect Elu
  15. degree – Knight of the Sword [of the East]
  16. degree – Prince of Jerusalem
  17. degree – Knight of the East and West
  18. degree – Knight [Prince] Rose Croix
  19. degree – [Grand] Pontiff
  20. degree – [Grand] Master of Symbolic Lodges
  21. degree – Noachite or Prussian Knight
  22. degree – Knight of the Royal Axe
  23. degree – Chief of the Tabernacle
  24. degree – Prince of the Tabernacle
  25. degree – Knight of the Brazen Serpent
  26. degree – Prince of Mercy
  27. degree – Knight Commander of the Temple
  28. degree – Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept
  29. degree – Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew
  30. degree – Knight Kadosh
  31. degree – Inspector Inquisitor Commander
  32. degree – Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
  33. degree – Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Some people earn these titles, other gain them by sticking around long enough and moving through the ranks (like a career climbing the corporate ladder in a government department).  They are all pretty meaningless for our purposes.

Measuring progress – the answer!

None of this discussion has helped with the question we posed at the start of the page, which was how to measure success.  The answer is actually very easy.  If you are feeling happier and healthier and are more satisfied with life, then you are making progress.  It is as simple as that.  If you are on a spiritual path and following spiritual teachings that are not resulting in you  feeling happier or you are feeling stressed, then you are doing something wrong or are in the wrong place.  In that case, start making changes.