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There is always more to learn, and this page has a number of links and tips for further reading and research:

It is really difficult to prove or disprove some theories.  A great modern debate continues over Global warming.

New Thinking

I wish the scientific and academic communities would chill out a bit and be open to new approaches.  It is nice to see the emergence of sites like:

It is good to remember that when the scientific method emerged in the 17th century it freed society from the authoritarian rule and oppression by the church, and it laid the way for significant technological and medical advances.  Proper application of the scientific method is still essential, but many scientists today are afraid to stick their necks out and consider new theories if it is going to put them at odds with their colleagues.

Modern physicists provide some great new ideas.  Sometimes the truth is far weirder than anything in science fiction literature.  Check out these ideas on:


Further research

  1. Solving the mind-body problem
  2. The Orchestrated Objective Reduction-OR model of consciousness
  3. Formalising the Spiritual Quotient test
  4. Building a framework supporting a positive-feedback resonance environment for our spiritual growth.  This will be different for each person, so it needs to be a framework, not a method.
  5. Establishing a self-sustaining system for spiritual motivation (to counteract the bodies natural tendency to a comfortable state of homeostasis).


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