The collective unconscious

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The term collective unconscious comes from Carl Jung, the images and archetypes in the unconscious mind that are shared by all members of a species, including mankind.  The term is still used by psychologists, and in esoteric New Age teachings.

The theory implies that there is a non-physical repository of our unconscious desires and memories for all of humanity.  It is a good model for explaining dreams and other phenomena that can be hard to account for – but the theory remains unproven.

It is really hard to prove that a collective unconscious exists using any known current scientific means.  Does the human race have a collective unconscious?  Many esoteric teachings state that there is a non-corporeal consciousness surrounding the planet, supporting all forms of life on this planet.  It is a good model and could explain a great deal.  It would be the akashic record repository for the history of life on this planet.  We have yet to establish any scientific basis for its existence.